Francis Tseng

design # dev # data

  • freelance (see below)
  • fellow at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) working on spatial economic simulation and transit demand modeling
  • part-time faculty at The New School, teaching about simulation, systems thinking, and game design

want to work together?

specialties: simulation, machine learning, design, forecasting, tool building, data analysis, game design, general software development, education

looking for projects in the domains of: agriculture, recycling, voting, transit/mobility, energy, climate, logistics, algorithmic accountability, cryptoeconomics, journalism, ...

contact me at f[at]

  • co-publishing The New Inquiry
  • Researcher-in-Residence @ NEW INC
  • IdeasCity Athens fellow
  • DBRS Labs Researcher-in-Residence
  • Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow at The New York Times/Washington Post/The Coral Project
  • visiting faculty at the New School's Design+Journalism program (Fall 2014, Fall 2015)
  • Knight Foundation grantee
  • interaction designer & developer @ IDEO

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