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Meme-based steganography

Nito (匿透) is a tool for encoding and decoding information into images using "context keys".

The idea is to share encoded information without a) requiring that a password/key be explicitly shared and b) a specific recipient in mind except for someone who shares similar cultural knowledge.

In regular going-ons we already might withhold or modify information depending on who we're talking to and what we share in common. Nito formalizes that by literally locking information away unless someone has the right insider cultural knowledge (the "key"). Whatever image the information is encoded it should clue the recipient in on what the passphrase might be (e.g. perhaps there's a phrase associated with some meme, like "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD".)

N.B. Nito is meant to demonstrate an idea and not be a secure means of transmitting sensitive information